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By the Lake 

What is the mystery hanging over this old Russian village?  

What atrocities happened here? 

Find your way throught the town and be aware of the dark forces living here.

Come and play in this universe full anguish and danger where  your abilities of obervation and adaptation are going to be the only things that can save your life !

A world  where the children have succumbed to the call of a majestic and terrible thing near the lake...

Developped during a project of 8 weeks with :

Game Designer Students :

- Bouron Ludovic : Lead Project, Lightning/Rendering Artists, Environmental Designer

- Decressain Camille : Lead Level Designer, Game Artist

- Gallard Tanguy : Game Programmer, AI's Father

- Hours Jeremy : Lead Narrative Designer, Sound Designer

- Ribeiro Dorian : Lead Game Programmer, Level designer

- Savio Leonard : Lead Game Designer, Level / Puzzle Designer, Props Integrator

Concept Artists Students : 

- Irina Komisarchuk
- Alexia Cadou
- Coline Landy
- Clarisse Magand
- Lison Defreux

3D Modeling Artists Students : 

- Bastien Chagnon
- Simon Cornut
- Lea De La Jarrige
- Laure Athenaelle Demeocq
- Heloïse Gaimard
- Maxime Goichot

- Laura Hell
- Sibyl Jobin
- Romain Maistre-Bazin
- Alexia Merlin
- Armen Pamokdjian

Texture Artists Students :

 -Bastien Chagnon
- Lea De La Jarrige
- Laure Athenaelle Demeocq
- Heloise Gaimard
- Maxime Goichot
- Sibyl Jobin

- Charlie Labas
- Armen Pamokdjian
- Lucie Petot
- Sarah Sigier
- Oksannah Zoude

Character Modeler Students : 

- Lise Arteaga
- Lea De La Jarrige
- Charlie Labas
- Armen Pamokdjian
- Lucie Petot
- Sarah Sigier

Foliage Artists Students : 

- Thibault Empereur
- Lucas Pugnat

Animators Students : 

- Roxane ASSERAF
- Charlotte LEGEAY
- Pei hsin CHANG
- Amandine BERNARD
- Antoine GREGOIRE

Voice Acting :

- Irina Komisarchuk


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Really enjoyed playing the game! There were a few bugs/glitches but it didn't hold me back on progressing. Love it!

Thanks a lot for having taken the time to play at By the Lake, it was a real pleasure to watch your video and your reactions. 
We hope you had a good time ! :)


Not a bad game considering the size of your team and the short time you had to assemble it! I ran into what looked like some bugs, weird load times and some optimization issues, but nothing that was game breaking. Great work!

Thanks a lot for having taken the time to play at By the Lake, I really enjoyed seeing you play at our game. Furthermore, your feedback motivates us to continue to polish it ! Thanks again :)